Shoes that rock the vote for election season

Politics is such a touchy subject these days. It’s typically not your average dinner conversation nor is it small talk at the playground. However, these year it’s almost impossible to avoid with debates and conventions happening almost every other week. So whether you’re a conservative right wing gal or one that sits completely to the left, the most important issue at hand is teaching our kids that it’s important to get out there and vote and care about what’s happening around the country and who will be running it come this November. Available in both mens and womens sizes, I think these limited edition Vote 2012 TOMS Shoes do the just trick letting your friends at the playground know exactly where you stand in style without a heated debate. However if you do want to show your party pride, they do come in Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant styles too.

Limited Edition Vote 2012 TOMS Shoes, $58, at

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