Short on space? Try a mini-crib.

For us city dwellers, being short on space is something we know all too much about. Not only that but have you noticed that a full size crib is almost overwhelming for a newborn baby? If you’ve been deciding on what kind of crib to buy, you may want to consider a new crib category all together – a mini crib. Mini cribs are half the size of full size cribs and offer the same multi-level placement of the mattress so the crib can grow with your baby, just like a full size crib. It’s the perfect option for parents that would like to keep baby in their own room longer once they’ve outgrown the bassinet and if you have a small space to work with, a mini crib will give you more than enough room to decorate with. It’s also a great option for shared rooms, giving siblings more of their own space to live and play in.

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