Simple tips to make shaving a breeze

Bliss.jpgIt’s that time of year again, when we can’t hide behind our favorite pants. That’s right – it’s bathing suit season, and that means shaving season. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

The closest shave occurs when you shave against the hair growth. On the legs, this usually means starting at the ankle and pulling the razor up. After each swipe with the razor, rinse the blade to remove debris. No need to press hard on the razor – that will just cause irritation. Some of the newer razors on the market have more than three blades, which can reduce the number of passes you have to make on the same area of skin, which can theoretically reduce the amount of irritation. such as the Venus Embrace ($12.99,
If you need extra skin protection, consider putting a drop of olive oil on your razor blade before each swipe. It’s time consuming, but can help prevent ingrown hairs due to lack of the aforementioned slip.
If you manage to get ingrown hairs anyway, try using a salicylic-acid product to clear it up. Bliss Spa makes Ingrown Eliminating Pads that can work wonders ($38.00 at

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