Snack smart with the latest kid-friendly reusable snack bags

It’s only June, but my year has already been filled with road trips, international flights and long waits. With two little ones, it pays to be prepared with any and everything we could possibly need. If an item can serve two purposes at once, all the better. During a particularly long layover in New York, our reusable snack bags became all sorts of toys. They weren’t cute or even puppet-like, but they served the purpose for a bit. After doing a bit of research, I actually found a whole host of reusable snack bags that are kid-friendly for fun and for snack storage. Some, like the Snuppet featured below, can actually become a little hand puppet when the snack is finished. Others are just cute enough to hold a little one’s interest for a bit while you wait in that long security line. Buy them now for travel or camp, then use them when school starts back again in the fall.
reusable snack bags

 Clockwise from left:
Fox Snuppet Snack Puppet by Snuppets, $10,
Built NY Big Apple Buddies Sandwich Bag, $8,
SugarBooger by o.r.e. Set of 3 Snack Sacks, $14,
Green Sprouts by i play Safari Sandwich and Snack Bag 2-pack, $10,
Skip Hop Reusable Zip Top Snack Bag, $12,

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