Snacktime solutions for summer treats

All the best summer snacks come with a few pesky consequences (think Popsicle stains down the front of your kid’s favorite shirt). Sure, kids need to be kids and enjoy those drippy, messy treats but when keeping clean is just as fun as the snacks themselves, it’s a win-win for everyone. That’s the case with every single one of the kid-tested snack products below. They’ll love them, you’ll love them…everybody’s happy.

Dripstik, $5.99 each,
Available in a rainbow of colors, the Dripstik keeps drips off your children. One end securely holds ice pops while the other end works with ice cream cones.


Sip-A-Bowls, $9.95 for a pack of 6,
Melting ice cream is no match for Sip-A-Bowls. Kids can eat at their own pace, then use the built-in straw to enjoy every last drop.

sip a bowls.jpg
Juice Pal Juice Box Holder, $3.95 each,
Versatile enough to fit both juice boxes and juice pouches, these insulated holders have comfortable handles that will keep kids from spraying juice on themselves.

juice pal.jpg

Munchie Mug, $15.95 each,
Perfect for a road trip or a picnic, these mugs easily allow kids to reach into the soft fabric topper for a snack but ingeniously keep the snacks inside the cup when turned over…no spills, no messes.



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