Sore throat season just got easier with Lilapops

We’re barely into cold and flu season and my kids have complained of a sore throat at least six times already. While it’s tempting to just throw them a cough drop, for kids under the age of 5, they are considered a choking hazard and even then I don’t trust my kids to not run or jump and eat them at the same time. Now there’s a new product on the market that offers everything a cough drop does but in the form of a yummy lollipop that any kid will be happy to eat. Sold in a pack of 15, Lilapops are an all natural cough drop made with honey and marshmallow root to sooth sore throats. They contain NO artificial flavors, dyes, dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, nuts or medicine. Lilapops come in a grapeberry flavor and are the perfect size to stash in your diaper bag or purse because you never know when that sore throat will sneak up on you or them.

Lilapops, $8.99 for 15, at 

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