Specialty baby blocks by Uncle Goose

It’s easy to see the simple beauty in classic baby blocks. Without flashing lights, loud sounds and technology in general, these toys appeal to babies today just as they did to babies in the 1800s. Given that appeal and simplicity, it would seem impossible to improve upon them, yet a Midwestern company called Uncle Goose has done just that. Crafted from wood and featuring the classic primary colors we’ve come to love on traditional baby blocks, Uncle Goose blocks incorporate foreign language alphabets, Braille and sign language and even ancient languages into the design. Of course traditional ABC blocks are still available, but it’s hard to not feel enamored by the cool, unexpected, and extremely educational styles featured below.
baby blocks

Left to right:
Alphabet Wagon, $58, anthropologie.com
Egyptian Hieroglyphic Blocks, $50, unclegoose.com
blocks two

Left to right:
Wooden Russian ABC Blocks, $81, alexandalexa.com
Greek ABC Blocks, $76.50, alexandalexa.com
Braille ABC Blocks with Sign Language, $39, unclegoose.com

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