Spice up Thanksgiving with cool aprons for the entire family

There are a number of reasons why Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get the whole family into the kitchen. First, it’s just not fair for one adult to be stuck cooking all day. Second, the holiday is a great learning experience for kids with all the kitchen science and math. And, third, its a great reason to outfit everyone in a fun (and functional) apron. Thanks to renewed interest in the art of cooking and baking, these once-utilitarian staples have gone from boring to stylish…for men, women and kids alike. From hip to festive to ultra-frilly, every person is bound to find an apron style that will make the Thanksgiving holiday a fun and fashionable bonding experience.  

Yaritza Apron, $38, anthropologie.com

yaritza apron.jpg
Red Tartan Plaid Apron, $24-$34, williams-sonoma.com
Available in sizes for kids and adults.

tartan apron.jpg
Personalized Kids’ Apron, $20, williams-sonoma.com

kids personalized apron.jpg
The George Apron by Olli & Lime, $45, velocityartanddesign.com

olli and lime apron.jpg
Sewing Basket Kids’ Apron, $24, anthropologie.com

sewing basket kids apron.jpg
Star Wars Apron, $20-$30, williams-sonoma.com
See the kids’ style here.

star wars apron.jpgSolid Apron, $20, surlatable.com

red apron.jpg

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