Stop the sibling rivalry and get personalized with Sarah + Abraham

“No that’s my pillow!” Ugh…how many times have you heard that fight in your house recently? If your kids are anything like mine, they all want the same thing and they think everything is theirs. However, we are easily solving those pillow fights with the adorable personalized pillows from Sarah + Abraham. Not only are they personalized by name but also by skin tone, hair color, hairstyle, eye color and eye shape (you can also include glasses) — making the character on the pillow look exactly the owner of it. Available in a 12X12 pillow size, it comes in a variety of fabric colors for both boys and girls. 

Also available for personalization with your “kid” character and name, placemats, bowls and plates — three cheers for the end of sibling rivalry when it comes to household items!
Olliegraphic Pillow, $59 (includes pillow insert), at
Olliegraphic plates and bowls, $24 for plate and $20 for bowl, at

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