Summer essential: Aqua Sphere goggles

If you’re like the millions of other families that are spending money on swim lessons this summer for the kids, you better make sure that you’re doing everything you can to help them learn and maintain their confidence in the water. When swimming, wearing goggles can make a huge difference for most kids because they can see where they are going underneath the water. Goggles that don’t fit correctly can ruin a whole day at the pool that’s why I’m loving the Aqua Sphere Seal Kid and Vista Jr. Swim Masks that are designed to protect their eyes underwater and have a pressure-fit that prevents red marks around the face. They come in bright colors like red, green, blue and pink and adjust so easily making sure that it’s the perfect fit for your little one. Since the fit is good, the Aqua Sphere swim masks allow them to see where they are going in style and comfort in the water which gives you the confidence you need outside the water.

Aqua Sphere Swim Masks, $21.95-$23.95, at

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