Summer must-have: wet bag from Itzy Ritzy

You know that moment when all of sudden your kid decides to run through the park’s splash pad again after you’ve already changed her or perhaps the last minute swim your family decides to do before headed out of the hotel and to the airport…Yes, those are the wet situations that we’ll all find ourselves in this summer and you’ll want to be prepared with an Itzy Ritzy Wet Happened Bag tucked away in your own bag. Fully-lined and waterproof with zip-top for extra protection, you can put all the wet stuff in the bag for safe keeping until your final destination. What’s great is I keep one in the car filled with swim diapers and an extra bathing suit and clothes should the wet moment arise on the go and one in my bag for the oops moments we all have in life. It’s also fully washable for the next go-around. This is one must-have purchase you’ll definitely keep using way beyond the infant, toddler and kid years.

Itzy Ritzy Wet Happened Bag, $19.35, at 

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