Summer shoe trend: traditional Spanish avarca sandals

As quintessentially summer as they may be, flip-flops are often downright sloppy. That being said, it’s really nice to be able to throw on an easy, bare pair of sandals at a moment’s notice for running errands or heading to a ball game. This summer, bridging that gap between easy and sloppy is totally doable. Traditional Spanish avarca (or abarca) leather sandals are all the rage, and what’s not to love? In the same amount of time it takes to step into a flip-flop, you’ll be wearing something comfortable and neatly casual. And although price points vary a bit, it’s possible to find styles for well under $100 as you can see below.

Riudavets Metallic Avarca Sandal, $112,
riudevets metallic.jpgAvarcas de Menorca, $74,

cobalt avarcas.jpg
Plomo Abarca Menorquina, $115,
plomo abarca orange.jpg
Ryan Sandal, $60,

Abarcas Sandals, from $40,
Also available in wedge styles for women and in sizes to fit children.

abarca net.jpg
Avarca Pons for Women, $75,

avarca pons.jpg

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