Take 10 to reward yourself…you deserve it!


Every mom has that one moment in the day where we take the time to look around, enjoy the silence and just say “AHHH!” It could be first thing in the morning before the kids wake up and we grab a cup of coffee and check our e-mail or just jump in the hot shower to wash our hair before the mayhem begins. It could be right after school drop-off when for a moment, there is no one asking for a snack, asking for help with their homework or needing their shoes tied. Or, it could be at night, after they are all peacefully asleep in bed and we get to catch up on our reality TV favorites. But sometime…sometime during the next 24 hours, you must take the time to refresh, rejuvenate and reward yourself.

As a busy mom of three, and one being a newborn, I tend to get excited about the small things in life these days. My favorite time of the day is right after school drop-off and I get to go home, turn on a favorite “show” for my toddler, the newborn baby takes a morning nap and I get to enjoy a homemade latte and read a few pages from a magazine, read a new book or catch up on reading my favorite blogs. Usually, I get about 15 minutes to myself before the baby wakes up or my toddler wants to move on to the next activity, but those precious minutes make all the difference in the world to me…helping to make me be a better mom. Those few minutes allow me to tackle the day without looking back and allow me to smile through all those Play-Doh caked-in-the-carpet moments that happen daily.

Try taking a five to ten minute timeout sometime during the day as a reward for all you do. Don’t feel guilty because really, it’s a win-win for all of you because a happy mom means a happier family! 

Do you have a favorite moment of your day? Join us at 4PM PST on Thursday, February 9 in a discussion about “Starting the day off right: What small wins can you accomplish as part of your morning routine to help start your day right?”

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