Tea Collection and Art.com team up to create a new art collection

When we’re looking for truly special kids’ styles, Tea Collection is a first stop. The clothing designs are always spot-on age-appropriate and darling and the prints are simply out-of-this world gorgeous. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Art.com and Tea Collection, you can buy your favorite Tea prints to hang in your home. Choose from signature floral prints, maps, animals, sci-fi graphics and more. They’ll look fabulous in any room you choose.

Love Birds Giclee Print, from $40, art.com
tea floral art.jpg
New Year Dragon, from $30, art.com
new year dragon.jpgCelestial Spin, from $40, art.com
celestial.jpgBusy Beijing, from $30, art.com
beijing print.jpgDeco Butterfly, from $30, art.com
deco butterfly.jpg

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