Teach independence safely with Hold-On Handles & Gripsterz

As your little one grows and begins asserting his or her independence, one of the first battles you wage is over the stroller. You want her safely belted into it while she screams to walk next to you. Eventually you do relent and let the screaming toddler walk but how do you teach and enforce the importance of staying close, especially if your hands are tied up? A walking rope may be your answer. Unlike a child leash, walking ropes like Hold-On Handles and Gripsterz anchor to you (or to a stroller) while the child holds onto the cute character handles—no leash-like restraint. Of course they still require close supervision but your child will feel a greater sense of independence while you feel a little piece of mind. 

Hold-On Handles, $20-$28, greaterthanonekids.com
This site includes an excellent how-to guide, providing tips to teach boundaries and overall safety.
hold on handle.jpgGripsterz, $18, amazon.com

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