Teach kids "financial literacy" with the Moonjar Moneybox

Money can be such a difficult concept for kids. Case in point, my three-year-old just asked for a “money dolly”…one that creates money instead of wet diapers like her potty doll. While it takes years for them to understand the true value of a dollar, it’s really not difficult to begin teaching them the art of saving, spending and donating from a very young age. This is the idea behind the Moonjar Moneybox. The Moonjar is actually three banks that fit together to create one larger piece. One section is labeled ‘save’, one ‘share’, and one ‘spend’. Children can deposit their allowance or money the receive throughout the year into each segment At a pre-determined time, your little one can take the save money to the bank, donate the share money and go on a shopping spree with the spend dollars. It’s a fun way to teach a valuable lifelong financial lesson.  

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