Teach them geography (or astronomy) with squeezable Hugg-A-Planets

Even at 2- or 3-years-old, kids begin forming an awareness of where they live. They see the moon in the distance at night. They know that grandma travels from a different state to see them. They want to put it all together somehow. While two may be a bit young for full-on geography and astronomy lessons, it’s smart to begin introducing some of these concepts as soon as little kids seem receptive. Some of the best educational toys for this task are Hugg-A-Planets from Peace Toys. These soft fabric globes are clearly and accurately labeled to show important places, Earthly or celestial. There’s really no reason to ever end the lesson, either. One minute you’re discussing state capitals, the next minute your tossing the globe in a game of catch. Choose from Earth, Mars, constellations and more! 

Super Hugg-A-Planet Earth, $90, peacetoys.com
Over 2 feet in diameter! Makes a great kids’ chair, too.
globe chair.jpgHugg-A-Planet Earth, $23, peacetoys.com
hugg earth.jpgHugg-A-Star, $19, peacetoys.com
All 88 constellations are labeled in English and Latin.
constallation pillow.jpg
Hugg-A-Planet Mars, $19, peacetoys.com
With more than 400 labeled places, plus this globe comes with a Mars Fact Sheet.
hugg mars.jpgHugg America, $19, peacetoys.com
hugg america.jpg

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