The best sugar scrubs to help with your summer glow

Exfoliating becomes even more important in the summer – not only do you want to avoid flaky dry skin, but you want to keep skin smooth and soft to show off your (hopefully self-tanner-acquired) tan. These sugar scrubs are gentle enough to keep skin soft yet scrubby enough to get the flakes off.

This little solid ball is designed to break bits off and used directly on wet skin. Scented with flowers and honey, it uses coconut oil to help soften the skin. $4.95,
Neutrogena has wonderful skin products at a very reasonable price. This energizing scrub smells like invigorating citrus, and has a skin-softening oil base.The sugar will remove flakes and impurities everywhere on your body. $8.44,
de-luxe BAIN sugar scrub is created with brown sugar and soybean oil. It is lightly scented with vanilla and amber, creating a sexy scent to match your glow. $9.99,

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