Introducing the Mamaroo — the next best thing to mom

When your baby is fussy you can usually rock and bounce them back to calm in a few minutes. But there are those times when both hands are tied up and a swing is the next best thing. The Mamaroo is a brilliant invention by 4Moms that moves not just back and forth like a traditional swing but has five motions to choose from including car wide, ocean wave, kangaroo, tree swing and rock-a-bye. It also has five speeds so that you can speed up for playtime and slow down for sleep and has five built in nature sounds. The best part, you can hook-up any MP3 player like an iPod to soothe baby with your own tunes. With an easy to use LCD display screen, the Mamaroo takes the place of the swing and bouncer seat.

Mamaroo, $199, at

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