The maxi dress alternative: maxi skirts

Although maxi dresses are billed as styles that fit and flatter every single body type, I’m here to tell you that they most certainly are not. For those of us who are blessed (or maybe cursed) with curvy figures or larger-than-average bustlines, maxi dresses often result in complete strangers asking us when we’re due instead of commenting on how elegantly Grecian we look. For this reason, it’s exciting to see maxi skirts flooding stores this spring. Offering the opportunity to choose your own size and style for the top half, these often-forgiving skirts make it possible to go body conscious or loose and casual…it’s up to you. And with so many out in stretchy knits, even moms-to-be can shop non-maternity lines since waistbands are comfortable and forgiving.

Directional Stripe Sammi Maxi Skirt, $89,

chicos directional stripe maxi skirt.jpg
Girl’s Best Friend Maxi Skirt, $128,

girls best friend maxi skirt.jpg
Corridor Maxi Skirt, $118,

anthro maxi skirt.jpg
Pure & Simple The Tracy Maxi Skirt, $57,

tracy maxi skirt.jpg
Hive & Honey Chevron Maxi Skirt, $49,

chevron maxi skirt.jpg
The Maxi Skirt, $39.50,

vs maxi.jpg

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