The must-have cleanser: Pond's Cold Cream

Pond's-Cold-Cream.jpgPond’s Cold Cream? Truth be told, it’s our classic standby. If we’re being honest, we actually forget about it from time to time … and then, like clockwork, it reappears in our lives and makes cleansing so much simpler.

We love the thick and, yes, creamy consistency of this cleanser. It’s rich and lush but somehow sinks right into the skin at the same time, while leaving behind no greasy residue or heaviness.

And the best part? It gets rid of even the most stubborn makeup — even pancake base that you might wear in theater! (And yes, we know this from experience.) Simply put a bit on a cotton pad, rub in circular motions over your face, and voila! Every trace of makeup will be gone in an instant.

Pond’s Cold Cream retails for $4.99 at

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