They'll enjoy the view with the WeeRide Kangaroo bike seat

There’s really no better way to enjoy a cool autumn afternoon than with a leisurely bike ride. Of course those of us with children under 4 or 5 have to consider a few bike modifications before heading out. If you dread the thought of putting your toddler in a child bike seat that faces your back or dread spending up to $500 on a bike wagon, you’ll absolutely love the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat. Mounted in the middle of your bike’s frame, your child is visible at all times. Plus, you both get to enjoy the view around you. From my own experience, this smart seat attaches easily (usually in under 10 minutes) and fits nearly all bicycle styles. You’ll get the exercise and fresh air you crave, and your little one will think he or she has the coolest ride ever.

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