Throw a party the easy way with P.S. XO

I can’t tell you how much I love to throw birthday parties or any party for that matter. I love entertaining but the one thing I could do without is the constant running around town to gather all the supplies I need for it. Then have the time the store doesn’t have enough of what I need and I have to end up ordering online anyways with rush shipping. This time around I’m going to take the easy, yet chic way out and order a ready-to-go party box from P.S. XO. With P.S. XO you can get everything you need shipped to your doorstep making your party the easiest fete to throw because it includes decorations, party favors and instructions and items to make a craft. Choose from themes like a fairy party, celebrate party, pirate party or safari party, and you’ll by far be known as the best party planner in town without anyone having to know you didn’t DIY yourself. Items can be purchased separately or together to make sure you have enough favors and decorations to go around.

P.S. XO Party Boxes

From left to right, top to bottom:

Fairy Decorations, $59.95, at

Celebrate Party Box, $99.95, at

Pirate Crafts, $39.95 (includes 10, $4 per child), at

Safari Party Favors, $49.95 (includes 10, $5 per child), at

Fairy Crafts, $49.95 (includes 10, $5 per child), at

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