Tips for wearing yellow

When it comes to yellow, you either love it or you hate it.  And in fashion, it’s easy to understand why: it is perhaps one of the most difficult colors to wear.  Choose the wrong shade and you could look sallow or just plain garish.

So what’s a gal to do? Next time you’re in the fitting room, grab a few shades of yellow to try on.  Lighter complexions will have better luck with buttery tones, while darker complexions can typically pull off brighter yellows.  For those with golden complexions, test out warmer shades with more golden undertones.

Still stuck? You can always incorporate yellow through your accessories or choose apparel with yellow accents, like these options from ModCloth.   

Above: Orchid Grey Dress ($53.99), Put on a Happy Face watch ($27.99), Hibiscus Hottie sunglasses ($11.99), Vintage Dahlberg Daisy Ring ($14.99), Brazilian Beauty Wedge ($37.99)

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