Top sand and water tables for early spring outdoor play

As the first days of 80 degree weather begin to appear, kids’ minds immediately move into summertime fun like swimming. Of course that pool water will take weeks to warm no matter how high the mercury soars on these mid-spring days. If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to bridge the gap or just cool your kids off until summer arrives, look no further than a water or sand table. Most require very little water and/or sand, which makes cleaning up a breeze, plus kids can spend hours playing, pretending and running experiments. While the price points for some hover around the $50 mark, with a little care and maintenance, your little ones will play with the tables featured below for several seasons.

Step 2 Adjustable Sand and Water Table, $65,

sand water table yoyo.jpg
American Plastic Toys Sand and Water Table, $24,

jcp sand table.jpgSand and Water Table, $42 (sale),

table water.jpgIPlay Sights ‘N Sounds Play Table, $49,

kidoozie splash.jpg

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