Transition into fall with a kimono jacket

High temperatures still populate the weather map, but we all know it’s only a matter of time before the early mornings and evenings begin to cool significantly. Too hot for a jacket or coat but too cool for short sleeves, this time of year begs for an extra light layer like a kimono jacket. Wear them with jeans and a tank or dress them up for the office. Given their flowing style, they are also perfect for moms-to-be and nursing moms.

Happy Hour Kimono, $28,

f21 happy hour kimono.jpg
Kimono Cardigan in Peacock Print, $64,

asos peacock kimono.jpg
Topshop Embroidered Kimono Jacket, $120,

topshop embroidered kimono cardi.jpg
Boho Tribal Kimono, $149,

boho tribal kimono.jpg
Desert Cool Ebroidered Kimono, $25,

desert cool kimono.jpg
Sanctuary Josephine Bed Jacket, $30,

sanctuary bed jacket.jpg

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