Travel lighter with baby supplies from

There is no such thing as packing light when you travel with a baby. You can attempt to save space by shopping once you arrive at your destination, but where’s the fun in getting off the plane just to trek to a store to buy diapers, wipes, formula and baby food? I’ve tried it both ways–paying extra baggage fees to pack my kids’ supplies and shopping upon arrival–and neither are optimal, which is why I love the idea of JetSetBabies. From swim diapers to baby wash to formula, JetSetBabies stocks the most popular baby brands. Before leaving home, choose all the products you think you’ll need (or order one of their destination all-in-one travel packs), then have it all shipped conveniently to your hotel or other lodging in the U.S. or internationally. It’s one less thing to worry about, making the service worth its weight in gold.

Weekend on the Slopes Box, $70,
Choose your favorite brands, sizes and, as applicable, foods.

weekend in woods.jpgWeek at the Pool Box, $115,

week at pool.jpgBath Products, from $1.50,
Inflatable bath tubs, baby wash and more.


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