Turn assembly into part of the play with Sprout kids' furniture

“Assembly Required” is often a phrase that strikes fear in the minds of parents everywhere. Even if the assembly is easy, we still have to worry about our little ones climbing around as we wield dangerous building tools and supplies like hammers, screwdrivers and nails. It’s hard to fault kids for being interested in assembly, though, given that it is a creative, educational process. If you’re in the market for kids’ furniture and want to let your children get in on the game, take a look at Sprout. The company’s sturdy recycled wood tables, chairs and shelving cubbies are completely tool-free. Plus, as modular pieces, it’s easy to mix and match colors, fueling creativity for kids. And the simple, clean-lined furniture designs will compliment practically all home decor styles. What’s not to love?

Table and Chairs, $200, sprout-kids.com
Available in 4 colors.

sprout table and chairs.jpg
Rocker, $70, sprout-kids.com
In 4 colors.

sprout kids rocker.jpg
3 Cubby Organizer, $80, sprout-kids.com
In 4 colors.

3 cubby organizer.jpg

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