Two easy-to-use autumn makeup palettes from Kohls

When you think of the best places to buy makeup, you may not think immediately about Kohls, but it’s worth a second look. Here are two new palettes that are not only stylish, but exceptional quality as well.

FLIRT! Style Box Fairytale Makeup Set-1.jpg
The Flirt! Style Box Fairytale Makeup Set has looks for both your eyes and cheeks, and it isn’t hard to create a romantic look with these shades. An eye trio includes Kiss at Dusk, Blue Belle, and Deep Minx. The cheeks are taken care of with Peek-a-Blush Sheer Powder Cheek Color in heart candy. $25
youthful bronze look kit from american beauty.jpg
This grownup set keeps your bronze look all the way through fall. Two eye shades in green and gold shimmer for eyes along with a sun-kissed bronzer will keep you looking youthful and gorgeous. $30.

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