Update your favorite accessory (the iPhone) with a new cover for the season

As busy moms-on-the-go, we’re always on the phone. Whether we’re using it for actually talking to someone is yet to be determined but we also have it handy just in case there’s a cute photo op, we need to videotape those first steps, texting Dad about what’s for dinner or updating our status on Facebook. Since it’s our go-to accessory, it should look just as stylish as we do. Just like we change our purses to match the season, we should also switch-up our phone cases to not only match our sunny personalities but also match the weather outside!

Poppy for iPhone 4 Capsule Case by Jill Bliss, $39.95 – GetUncommon.com

Tory Burch ‘Mirrored Crinkle’ Leather iPhone Sleeve, $75 – Nordstrom

Case-Mate Stacked iPhone 4 Case, $34 – Nordstrom

Kate Spade iPhone 4 Cover, $40 – Kate Spade

Case-Mate Quilted iPhone 4 Case, $48 – Nordstrom

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