Valentine's Day crafts for kids

It’s true that there’s no shortage of Valentine’s Day decor in stores now. But while the licensed character cards and candy hearts are plentiful, there’s just nothing special about them. With time still on your side, make this a DIY holiday with your little ones. With a handful of broken crayons, create heart-shaped faux stained glass or a brand new crayon shape. And if you have a party planned, choose one of the kits below to let kids create their own decor. It’s hours of fun for very little (or absolutely no) money. After all, it’s more than a little amazing to see what a kid can do with candy, a doily or two, construction paper and some glue.   

Heart Candy Necklace Kit, $4,
Includes 8 necklace packs.

candy necklace kit.jpg
Chinaberry’s Valentine Card Making Kit, $17,
Makes at least 30 small Valentine cards.

chinaberry card making kit.jpg
Shrinky Dinks I Heart You Tree, $12.40,

shrinky dinks heart tree.jpg
Dino Valentine Card Holder Craft Kit, $7,
Makes 6.

dino valentine holder.jpg
Crayon Hearts, free tutorial,
An excellent tutorial to create heart-shaped crayons using crayon pieces from around the house.

HearthSong Valentine Making Kit, $20,
Create Valentine cards and decorations with this huge kit.

hearthsong valentine kit.jpg
Crayon Hearts, free tutorial,

ms crayon hearts.jpg

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