Varsity looks reign supreme this back-to-school season

As a mom, I often long for the innocent cool kid look of yesteryear. You know the slicked back greaser hair, poodle skirts, rolled jeans and letterman jackets. Lucky for my nostalgic heart, the hair and poodle skirts may never come back but the jeans and letterman jackets have made a huge comeback for this back-to-school fall season. Kids everywhere can sport the varsity look with a cool jacket, long cardigan and hip tees. Now if they only brought back 5 cent soda shops, I might call it a win-win for all!

Varsity Looks for Kids

 From left to right, top to bottom:

Varsity Dress, $19.94, at

Stripe Letterman Jacket, $64.95, at

Quilted Varsity Jacket, $34.95, at

Boys Varsity Jacket, $19.99, at

Caroline Colorblock Cardigan with Heart Elbow Patches, $59.50, at

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