Warm up to total versatility with the DKNY Cozy sweater

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. This is exactly what crossed my mind when I heard about the DKNY Cozy sweater. A lightweight, luxurious sweater that could be worn more than a dozen truly wearable ways? It had to be some kind of mythical tale. As it turns out, it’s true. The DKNY Cozy sweater just may be the most ingenious wardrobe piece ever. In a huge assortment of colors, fabrications and cuts, these versatile sweaters can easily morph from something loose and drapey to a look that’s sexy and body conscious in just a matter of seconds. Even better (at least in my mind) is the fact that they work perfectly as a nursing cover, especially for infants who don’t like being totally covered while nursing. And, if you live in a very warm climate, there are even lighter Cozy Tee options!

dkny cozy sweater

DKNY Long Sleeve Cozy, $195, dkny.com
DKNYPure Cozy Tee, $125, dkny.com
DKNY Jeans Snap and Wrap Cozy Tee, $79.50, dkny.com

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