Warming trend: stylish maternity coats

Falling into your final trimester during the coldest months has both its up and downsides. Without summer heat, your feet and ankles rarely swell to the point of resembling Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloons; however, you have very cold weather and a bump that has to fit into a coat. Although you may be tempted to just make do with a too-tight non-maternity style, it’s sometimes smart to just buy a coat that fits wonderfully and flatters your body. From smartly-tailored puffer styles to dressy wool, the maternity coats below are both on trend and very comfortable.

Quilted Puffer Maternity Coat, $200, apeainthepod.com

quilted mat puffer coat.jpg
Maternity Wool Blend Twill Pea Coat, $173 , loft.com

loft mat pea coat.jpg
Maternity Biker Coat, $142, asos.com

mat biker coat.jpg
Maternity Quilted Frost Free Jacket, $52 (sale), oldnavy.com

mat frost free jacket.jpg
Maternity Borg Parka Jacket, $190, topshop.com

topshop mat parka.jpg

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