Work a little leather (or faux) into your wardrobe for fall

If you’re the type that adores dramatic, opulent fashion (like me), the leather leggings and dresses splashed throughout fall magazines probably makes your heart skip a beat. Then reality sets in. Even when factoring out the price, most of the fall’s hottest leather pieces are simply not practical for the average mom unless it’s one of those special and all-to-infrequent evenings out. Don’t despair, though, because you can still create those gorgeous looks with touches of leather interspersed throughout your ensembles. A leather-front peplum top can easily pair with ankle pants or even jeans for a easy but statement-making look. And knit leggings with faux leather panels offer the same vibe with greater wearability. For dress or casual, go with an even easier option: a blazer with leather accents. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to make an impact with small touches of leather this season.

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