Work your casual days in a button down shirt this spring

As the weather starts to get warmer outside, I’m looking forward to shedding my bulky sweaters and trading them in for something still long sleeve but more lightweight — a button down shirt. Paired with denim for casual days or dressed up when worn with a skirt and heels, a button down shirt is a great option for those warmer days that will hopefully be on the horizon soon.

Button Down Shirts 1

 From left to right:

1) Splendid Snowpeak Plaid Shirt, $128, at

2) Printed Shirt, $24.94, at

3) Tailored Print Shirt, $39.99, at

Button Down Shirts 2

4) Rustic Floral Shirt, $19.80. at

5) Keeper Chambray Shirt, $78, at

6) Washed Cotton Boyshirt, $69.50, at

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