Diet Dr Pepper's One of a Kind Style Sweepstakes

Last week, we shared our tips for cultivating your signature style — a look that’s uniquely yours, regardless of the latest trends. Though my style is constantly evolving, I shared my penchant for prints, something I try to include in nearly every look. My affinity for prints isn’t a conscious decision, I just seem to be drawn to printed pieces when shopping, whether it’s animal prints, florals, or geometric prints. When getting dressed, I typically let one printed piece be the focal point, while the rest of my look consists of neutral supporting players. On the occasion that I’m not wearing a print, I still like to let one item stand out as a statement piece, whether it’s a piece of jewelry or a top in a bright color.

Now, Diet Dr Pepper wants to know what makes your style unique in their new One of a Kind Style Sweepstakes. Over the next three weeks, they’ll be giving away 30 stylish prizes! You can enter daily for a chance to win via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The three grand prizes were custom designed by Los Angeles based jewelry designer Bea Millen and include a bracelet studded with rubies and sapphires (the Dr Pepper colors, natch), an 18 karat rose gold with pink marquise sapphires, and an 18 karat yellow gold necklace with rubies and a diamond micro pave and heart.

So what are you waiting for? Enter today!



With delicious one of a kind taste and zero calories, Diet Dr Pepper is as unique as you are. We know it’s a long road to get to who we’re meant to be. Along the way, we make choices, we make mistakes, we get up, and we keep going. And like an amazing work of art, we become one of a kind. At Dr Pepper, we celebrate all that makes us an original, from your unique style to adventurous spirit. To check out more one of a kind stories, watch our films at

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