Taking the next leap in life

Every time I reach a big milestone in life, there is a list a mile long of things that I wish I had done before the milestone happened. It all started before I graduated college, took my first “real” job, before I got married, before I had my first child, my second child and now my third child. It’s one of those things that life just happened while I was planning it. The story of my life…always planning for the next big milestone. 


Well with three kids under my watch, what more could one want in life? Oh, there’s plenty still left to accomplish and for me, it’s going to law school. As much as I love style and fashion and writing about it even more, going to get my law degree is something I’ve always wanted to do and with my growing family now complete, it’s time for me to start marking off all the other goals in my life to make that leap happen. 
Watch my kids grow up. It may sound odd but I want to be around while my kids are young to make every single peanut butter and jelly sandwich, band-aid every paper cut, teach them to ride a bike and help them foster their own learning and education paths. While this may seem to be a never-ending task, I assure you that one day they’ll be so independent that I’ll look around and wonder why it went by so fast. I don’t want to miss any of those moments with them.
Travel the world. My husband is lucky because every month he’s in a different part of the world. In fact, he’s on his way to another exotic locale while I hold down the fort at home. One day I want to be a part of that — to travel and discover the world and experience other cultures. The goal is to visit all of the continents…yes, even Antarctica!
Write a book. Isn’t the Internet amazing?! Did you know that anyone can publish their own e-book on the Internet? This is a new finding of mine and I love writing and I hope to one day write and publish my own novel. I don’t care if anyone reads it or buys it but it would be an amazing feat accomplished for me to sit and write the novel that right now only lives in my head.
Cook an entire seven-course meal from scratch. It’s no secret among my friends that I’m an awful cook. I’m the queen of semi-homemade. One day I hope to channel my inner Martha Stewart and Julia Child and make a traditional meal that will knock the socks off of my family and friends. Perhaps I’ll make a souffle or maybe just a meatloaf followed by homemade bundt cake but it will be a huge step forward towards my next life leap.
So while these “stepping stones” may seem silly, for me, they are very real. Making and setting little goals like these in life will help you achieve your ultimate goal and will make your life leap transition that much easier and closer. Go ahead and take the LEAP this year and start checking off your list…what’s your next life leap?

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