The perfect recipe for girls night out

We all know how important our girlfriends are. No matter how busy life gets with work, family, school or whatever, it’s our girlfriends that keep us grounded, recharged and ready to face our daily trials and tribulations. Our favorite way to connect with friends? A girls night out, of course — or rather “in” in this case.


On a chilly fall Friday recently, I invited a few of my favorite girlfriends over for cocktails and treats. The theme of the night was sweets, complete with chocolate fondue and a cocktail bar. Inspired by the event I attended a few weeks ago at DreamDry, I set up my very own “style your cocktail” bar. Starting with Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon, we accessorized our cocktails with a variety of nibbles including fresh fruit, edible gold flakes and colorful sugar. Cheers!


After a savory meal of edamame, Japanese salad and sushi, we finished the night with chocolate fondue (and more Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon, of course!). A variety of nibbles including pretzels, marshmallows, brownie bites, strawberries and pound cake were dipped into delicious melted chocolate for a sweet finish to our girls night out — er, in!

Check out more photos from the night on Instagram.

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