10 spring trends for everybody (+ 3 that may not be for you)

A new season is upon us, along with a whole new set of trends. But which trends are worth investing in? Here’s our list of 10 trends worth trying:


1. Neutral Shoes – They work with everything in your wardrobe and instantly make your legs look longer. Versatile and flattering? This is one trend every woman should invest in this season.

2. Lucite Jewelry – This may be a one-season trend, but most of the clear jewelry is pretty affordable, and since it’s colorless, you can wear it with any outfit so you’ll get more wear out of the pieces you buy.

3. Boyfriend Blazer – If you don’t already own one, run out and buy a lightweight boyfriend blazer. It’s perfect for layering over dresses and skirts or wearing with skinny jeans and shorts for spring.

4. Cuff Bracelet – Chunky cuffs are instant outfit makers and the perfect accompaniment for sleeveless and short sleeve styles.

5. Cross-body Bag – Spring’s newest handbag is the long strap cross-body bag. Comfortable, convenient and chic, you’ll love going hands free.

6. Military Styles – Khaki and olive basics influenced by military and safari styles easily mix with other pieces in your wardrobe. Try a safari jacket over a floral dress, or pair khaki pants with, well, everything.

7. Striped Top – The classic Breton striped top is always chic, regardless of the season, but also happens to be a hot trend this season.

8. Bold Printed Piece – Bright, bold, head turning prints are one of this season’s stand out trend. They’re a quick way to wakeup your wardrobe, whether you choose a pretty top to wear under a jacket or pair with jeans, a super chic mini dress or a simple accessory like a scarf.

9. Floral Dress – Perennially pretty, a floral dress is a must-own. Whether you choose tiny Liberty prints or oversized blooms, pair yours with everything from spring leather jackets and boyfriend blazers to cardigans and denim jackets.

10. Animal Prints Accessory – Whether you’re daring enough to wear an animal print dress or prefer a well-chosen accessory, leopard, zebra and snakeskin prints rarely go out of style. Stick to classic renditions if you’re looking for longevity, or opt for one of this season’s abstract interpretations for a more fashion forward look.

Not for everybody:

1. Lingerie Trend – Innerwear as outerwear can easily look cheap when attempted by a less-than-skilled fashionista. If you’re less than style savvy, leave this trend for the experts.

2. Super-Short MinisShort skirts and shorts ruled the runways, but hemlines this mini aren’t always meant for the street. If you’ve got the legs, then go for it, just be sure you can sit down without risking overexposure. If your thighs aren’t model-thin, you’re better off choosing a skirt that hits no higher than a few inches above your knee.

3. Denim Paired With Denim – We’re on the fence with this one, it could be too many memories of the ’80s and early ’90s. With this trend, there is a delicate balance between fashion forward and fashion faux pas – one misstep and you’re a big fashion DON’T. Our advice? If you dare to wear denim with denim, be sure to pair two different color denims: black with blue; white with blue; dark with light.

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