3 surprising summer trends that couldn't be hotter: tie dye, rompers and skinny cargo pants

Every season brings a new crop of fashion trends, but it’s not always easy to predict which trends will resonate with women. Here are 3 trends that seem to be everywhere this season:


Skinny cargo pants

We first spotted skinny cargo pants on the spring runways at Balmain and then on celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Rihanna. But who would have guessed that these super-sexy cargos could be so flattering on “real” women, quickly becoming part of their daily uniform? The now ubiquitous skinny cargo comes in a variety of price points (including the ultra-hot and somewhat pricey J Brand Houlihan) and colors, making it accessible to just about everyone.


Designers have been putting jumpsuits on the runways for the past few seasons, but the trend never seems to catch on with the general public. The romper, however, which is essentially just a shorter version of a jumpsuit, has become quite popular this summer as women of all ages embrace the trend.

Haute tie-dye

Once reserved just for hippies and Grateful Dead concerts, tie dye gets haute this season, appearing on everything from dresses to handbags.

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