Aqua girls rejoice: neoprene clothes and accessories return as a hot summer trend

by Stacy Cox

Ya gotta love (and giggle over) summer style circa the 1980s! Body Glove anything was coveted, neoprene bathing suits with big black, plastic zippers up the middle were as essential June through August as your Jordache jeans were come fall. Aqua socks trumped jelly shoes, neon framed sunglasses paired with crimped hair just dazzling! Wait… was that the ’80s or did I just describe current day 2010?


Trend alert, girls: neoprene is BACK (and so are jelly shoes come to think of it!) Could it be making a special limited time summer engagement? Quite possibly, but it’s going to be tons of fun for fashionistas while in effect. As with most trends, the general rule to bear in mind is to pick one interesting piece and weave it into your look, thereby avoiding an all-out fashion emergency: the dreaded overdose!

Aqua Girl

This time around, neoprene is offering more in the way of fashion meets function as designers like Tory Burch and Cynthia Rowley embrace the trend. With the ballet flats, it’s not so much day to night, but rather sea to land!

Aqua Woman

The “LBD” gets flared out thanks to a “LHN” (little help from neoprene). The best part is, the neoprene material will help curve you out, accentuating the things we want and slimming down areas we prefer to conceal (think Spanx you can wear out!)

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