10 classic pieces every woman should own

Q. I love your editorial pieces on the classics (especially when you give several options in each category to really help build the staples of a wardrobe). I noticed that you did a piece in 2009 and again in 2010 but not yet in 2011. I love your picks from the archives but all the items are sold out, understandably. With our economy, I think a lot of readers (not just me) would really appreciate another round of the timeless classics since they anchor a wardrobe and never go out of style – essential investment pieces.

A. I’m thrilled to hear that you found our classics series to be so helpful! To underscore the timelessness of a classic wardrobe, our top 10 list hasn’t changed from the list we featured 1 1/2 years ago (read here: The Classics: 10 Pieces for a Timeless Wardrobe). True that it’s time for an updated shopping selection, here are some pieces to add now to your wardrobe, and wear forever:


1. Pencil Skirt

2. Blazer

3. Trench Coat

4. Cardigan

5. Feminine Blouse

6. Little Black Dress

7. Dark Jeans

8. Statement Necklace

9. Classic Pumps

10. 24 Hour Handbag

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