Accessories for mother of the groom

mother-bride-jade-look.jpgQ. My son’s wedding is in April, afternoon nuptials, evening reception. The bridesmaids’ color is plum, the mother of the bride is wearing black. My dress is a dark jade–it goes great with my grandmother’s amethyst jewelry, but I can’t seem to decide on the right shoe/bag combination. I have a vintage gold sequin clutch, but the gold sequin shoes that I ordered in the picture are more of a rosy gold, so not the same color as the clutch. Should I opt for plum accessories or gold–or mix them? (My look is pictured here.)

A. Congratulations on your son’s upcoming wedding! Your dress and accessory options are lovely. The jewel tones you are working with look beautiful together: jade, amethyst, plum and gold.

As mother of the groom, you will likely spend most of the reception and all of the ceremony without your clutch, so your primary focus should be on choosing the right shoe for your dress. Personally, I prefer a gold shoe for a spring wedding, as the plum shoes have a heavy, wintry feel to me, though they would be perfectly acceptable to wear with the dress in April. In the photo you’ve provided, I prefer the lighter gold shoe with your dress, and it also works well with your sequin clutch — it’s ok if your golds are not exactly the same tone.


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