Adding Style And Color To A Classic Suit

Q. I recently bought a navy business skirt suit. The jacket is a hidden button front closure from the neckline down. It looks so plain! I’m thinking of adding a colorful belt to the waist. Will that look odd? How else can I liven up a very plain suit?

A. I applaud your desire to add some personal style to a basic navy suit. Adding a belt, colorful or not, adds a chic touch to a fitted jacket. Try also wearing a colorful or printed underpinning and a bright handbag. Depending on how conservative your office is, you can add patterned tights or a colorful shoe. Jewelry, like this season’s statement necklace, or a scarf can also add interest.

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1. a patent belt in black or a brighter color adds interest to your suit (Anne Klein New York Crossover Collar Jacket, $450 at
2. colorful jewelry and underpinning will brighten up a dark suit (look shown here is from
3. a colored shoe with dark tights (or a bright opaque tight with dark shoes)

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