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Q. I’ve started looking into gel-ly adhesive bras because strapless bras usually don’t fit comfortably on me, or the gel sides that prevent the bra from falling down bother me a lot, and I just wanted to ask you if you had any insights toward them. I was just wondering if you guys knew any other good adhesive bras besides the NuBra? Most of the results of my Googling were mainly about the NuBra, but I don’t know If I’d be comfortable in one, so I’m not ready to shell out $60 just yet.

A. Adhesive, backless bras are the perfect solution to wear under strapless, backless or one-shoulder tops and dresses. Although you can find some that fit size C and up, it’s important to note that these styles work best for women who are a small C or smaller, or who don’t require a lot of lift and support.

The NuBra is one of the most popular styles and can be worn over and over again. The NuBra Ultralite is a less expensive version, available for $32. An alternative to the reusable bras is the Adhesive Body Bra which can be worn 6 times and costs $12 or the disposable one-time-use Fashion Forms Adhesive Bra which costs $8 for one pair.

Our advice? If you’re unsure if an adhesive, backless bra will work for you, start with one of the options for $12 or less. If you are pleased with the bra, then the reusable NuBra will be worth the investment.

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  • Lorraine

    I just saw this and I think you left out the best product out there… The Bring It Up instant Breast Lift. These things are amazing and they work much better than the adhesives that go underneath the breast.

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