Affordable Sweater Dresses

Q. I LOVE your column and how you offer such nice advice at a variety of prices.  I’m writing to you for help for my friend, who’s on the hunt for the perfect sweater dress. She tried on some of my sweater dresses (two that are currently sold at the Gap), but, since I’m not even 5’2" and she’s about 5’7", they were too short on her.  Do you know of any nice sweater dresses that: 1) wouldn’t be too short on her, 2) are simple enough that could be mixed into a few different outfits (she likes the color brown), and 3) are relatively cheap (since we’re both graduate students)? 

-Cozy Cover

A. I found several sweater dresses that should be long enough for your 5’7” friend to wear with tights and heels or boots, pair with slim jeans or belt at the waist for a different vibe. And only one is over $100. Stay cozy!

 Lux Funnel Neck Sweater Dress Paul Frank Vanessa Sweater DressThe Kingston Sweater Dress By Triple 5 Soul

Aqua Cashmere Turtleneck DressMaria Sweater Dress

1.  Lux Funnel Neck Sweater Dress, $68 at

2.  Paul Frank Vanessa Sweater Dress, $86 at

3. The Kingston Sweater Dress By Triple 5 Soul, $88 at

4. Aqua Cashmere Turtleneck Dress, $168 at

5. Maria Sweater Dress, $44.50 at

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