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Q. I’m in my mid-40s and starting to go into menopause. Suddenly, I’m feeling like a wrinkled old lady and nothing in my closet looks good on me. I know it’s probably the hormones talking, but do you have any tips on how to dress my age and still look stylish?


A. Of course it’s the hormones talking! After all, you’re the same person you were a year ago, so menopause doesn’t mean you have to suddenly dress like your grandmother. And if you think hot flashes are all bad, watch this cute video at and you’ll feel better about your enviable flush. The point is, don’t let menopause steal your confidence and young attitude!

If you’re thumbing through the latest issue of your favorite fashion mag and just not identifying with the trends worn by the 20-year-old 110-pound models, you’re certainly not alone. But other than a few trends that are best left behind (we’re talking to you rompers and short jean shorts), most can be worn by women of all ages and sizes if you choose the right pieces. Often times, pairing a trendy piece with classic pieces like dark denim jeans or a pencil skirt is all it takes to make it seem age-appropriate.

Here are just a few of our favorite summer looks that look great on women over 40:

2. Full Skirt + T-Shirt: a full skirt with a simple top is one of those timeless trends that look great on women of all ages. Skip the flip flops and wear heels or chic sandals instead.

1. Floral Dress: Floral dresses often seem so young and girly, but these are sophisticated and chic.

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