Am I too old to wear flat knee high boots?

Q. Well, here I am, 75 (and a half), and still not exactly a fashion plate and increasingly wondering what IS appropriate attire for my age. Even my favorite – jeans – seem to have been taken over by the very young, very fit, who can wear the low waistlines I could wear years ago. I love, love, love flat knee high boots but have never owned a pair. I’m 5’5″, 130 pounds. Would I look ridiculous stepping out in a pair of those boots I’ve so long longed for?


A. Yes! You can absolutely wear flat knee high boots. In fact, a classic riding boot can be a very sophisticated look, suitable for someone of any age. Avoid styles with trendy embellishments like studs or excessive hardware, as these tend to look more youthful. Try pairing a simple, clean boot with slim jeans (yes, you can wear those too!) or pants and a button front shirt and blazer for a gorgeous age-appopriate look. Now is the perfect time to shop for knee high boots which are not usually considered a summer item, so there will be many styles available on sale.

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