Am I too old to wear leggings?

Q. I am 55 years old, in good shape and stylish. I have a pair of black leggings but can’t seem to find anything to wear with them that feels appropriate. Long sweaters that totally cover my bottom still make me feel only half dressed. Flowy long tops that look like dresses feel too youthful. Is it possible I’m just too old for this look?

Abr762411-00vliv01.jpg. You’re definitely not too old to wear leggings, however, they may not suit your personal style. Not everyone feels comfortable with every trend – and that’s what personal style is all about. However, if you’re determined to wear leggings, here are some tips on what to wear with your leggings.

If long sweaters paired with leggings make you feel half-dressed, perhaps it is your choice of legging that is the issue. If your leggings are of the hosiery variety, seek out a more substantial pair. My favorite legging this season is this Five-pocket legging from Banana Republic. It is designed more like a skinny jean and is super comfortable and flattering. Since it has pockets and a zipper fly, and is made of a thick, substantial fabric, you might feel more comfortable and “fully dressed” in this type of legging.

Another way to make leggings look work for you is to wear them with your long sweaters and a pair of tall boots. This should cure the feeling you have of being half dressed since only your thighs will be exposed.

And if you’re still not comfortable wearing leggings, then don’t. This trend just might not be for you.

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